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beaches in central Vietnam

Hon Tre – a beautiful destination in Kien Giang Province
Hon Tre, also known as Turtle Island, lying on a blue carpet sea make up a beautiful picture of nature… It is located from Rach Gia city about 30km. Hon Tre has an area of about 400 hectares, with its beautiful landscapes, such as: Chen dump, Coconut cave, Duoi Ha Ba.
From the center of Hon Tre Town, if you take the trail across the mountain about 30 minutes to Chen dump. This dump is located in the northwest of the island. The dump of 2km in length, have a lot of big rocks look like the cup upside down, so it has named Chen dump. This is the most beautiful beach of Hon Tre as scenes retain the wild character, with many trees swaying shady. Here, visitors can enjoy seafood specialties and natural sightseeing.
Coconut cave of Hon Tre is also quite romantic, the small bay, with boats fishing village so often look to for food, fresh water and rest after the sea voyage far. There are many coconuts grow up the coastal, is a beautiful beach, suitable for leisure fishing. The Duoi Ha Ba (Pineapple – where many of pineapple thorn) has many large old trees. Hon Tre is the beautiful landscape of Kien Giang province, the travel is also very convenient, just over an hour by train is coming, can go on for days.

The ancient village of Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Province
During the formation of Khanh Hoa, before Nha Trang officially becoming the city, this land has existed for over 300 years. That’s why undergone ups and downs of history, in the heart of this beautiful coastal city still retains an ancient village with very personal what a Central village.
This ancient village is located in Vinh Thanh Commune, Nha Trang city. It is considered the ideal country where located in approximately 4 kilometers from Nha Trang, with a main road that wraps hug all village the road No. 45. The second advantage of this village is the beautiful of Cai river for visitors after while tour participants visit waterways.
In the ancient village area, there existed many old houses based on the Central architecture. Most of the houses were built over 100 years ago, wooden doors and pillars with carvings. The ancient house in Nha Trang are also bold the countryside with garden. Doors are wood panels picky.
To make journeys ancient village, travel go from the wharf at the Thap Ba or in the Ha Ra bridge. From here, the boat will take visitors stroll around the Cai River to watch the goat camp, Ngoc Thao coconut garden, Vinh Phuong wooden bridge and watching the ducks swimming in the river and boats going up and down. Then the boat will stop at the river is Nguyen Xuan Hai’s house. From the river, visitors will enjoy the feeling to walk in the village garden, completely without the usual noisy cities. To visit the old house, the car will welcome guests from hotels in Nha Trang to visit some of the houses located in Vinh Thanh Commune. Usually all the houses here have front garden with many different fruit trees.
Walking on the village way by chariot is a completely new feeling. The driver had more than 30 years of control it will take you to visit the village weaving straw mats and making incense villages. The attraction of the Nha Trang ancient village when walking is the strange hidden to the countryside with “areca front, dust banana behind “.

Cua Dai beach – The beautiful beach in Central Vietnam
From Hoi An ancient town about 4km, you will come to Cua Dai, one of the most beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam with long sandy beaches far away, a slight hitch wave. What a beauty it is! Cua Dai is highlighted by the magnificent house, the newly resorts and modern facilities, surrounded by flowers and colorful radiate fragrance. The atmosphere at Cua Dai is very fresh and soft, feeling relaxed, comfort for guests. There are so many forms of the charismatic entertainment at Cua Dai. When sunrise comes up, from the resort, guests can open the windows with balconies and overlooking the sea to catch the sunrise.
Afternoon is the best time for tourists immersed in the cool blue waters. The waves made people feels excited, relaxed. The sandy beaches sparkling in the bright sunlight and the breeze carries the saltiness of the sea makes people feel more refreshed soul, and enjoyed more cheek. Guests can lie for hours in the sand, listening to the sea breeze vu, hearing the whispering waves, playing your favorite sport and create a separate sky inside drawings, the tower of sand to the sea and the waves lapping at the melt.
Cua Dai is where the Thu Bon River empties into the sea, so there is a lot of fish. One of the most interesting to attract the tourists is the type of fishing, hunting fishing predatory fish like Hanh fish, Hanh Luom, Hong Vuc… Guests can go fishing in nearshore or you can hire a small boat. With its own definition, Cua Dai is made tourists an unforgettable feeling of leaving here.

Source: Get Vietnam Visa